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Managing and Understanding Psychological Issues among Refugee Applicants

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Hunter, Jill, Zachary Steel, Linda Pearson, Mehera San Roque, Derrick Silove, Naomi Frommer, and Ronnit Redman. 2013. Managing and Understanding Psychological Issues among Refugee Applicants: Resources Manual and Guidelines for Best Practice. Sydney: Faculty of Law and Psychiatry Research and Teaching Unit, University of New South Wales.




The authors of this resource have expertise in both the legal and mental fields. Their aim in preparing these guidelines has "been to fill an important gap in the support of decision makers, mental health professionals and applicants’ representatives with a view to creating an informed and practical understanding for managing the challenges for applicants with trauma-related psychological damage where little or no documentation or other objective evidence exists, and credibility is pivotal to decision-making. In these circumstances psychological and emotional conditions may combine with a mismatch of cultural norms and expectations to make refugee status evaluation a particularly complex task." Separate chapters provide specific and practical guidance for each of the target groups.  







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