Annotated Bibliography on Refugee Mental Health

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Montemurro, Marzia, James Lavelle, and Richard F. Mollica. [2004]. An Annotated Bibliography on Refugee Mental Health. Rockville, MD: Center for Mental Health Services. 




This bibliography serves as an update to the 1987 edition.  Its focus is published scholarly literature, although some online references have also been included.  The authors looked for original studies with significant study samples, accompanied by comprehensive bibliographies.  They also attempted to ensure the representation of different refugee/ethnic groups.  References are organized thematically under the following headings: epidemiological studies, clinical studies, methodological issues, mental health services, selected subgroups of refugees, and human rights and mental health.  Each entry includes bibliographic details, along with an indication of the refugee group studied and an abstract.  A total of 231 references are included. 







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