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Category: Forced Migration

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Bibliography (Refugee Historical Dictionary)


Human Rights and Refugees in Africa: An Annotated Bibliography


Les Migrations, les Réfugiés, les Droits de l’Homme: Un Guide Bibliographique des Publications Parues en Langue Française


Resources for Refugee Research: A Bibliography


Select Bibliography: Displacement in Africa


Select Bibliography of Refugee Literature


Book Series:


International Library of Migration Studies


Program in Migration and Refugee Studies


Studies in Forced Migration


Geographic Resources:


Collection: Refworld Maps


Collection: UNHCR Map Portal


People on the Move: An Atlas of Migration




The Global Refugee Crisis: A Reference Handbook


The Oxford Handbook of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies


Literature Reviews:


Can We Talk and Is Anybody Listening? Reflections on IASFM 10, ‘Talking Across Borders: New Dialogues in Forced Migration’


Changing Agendas in the Study of Forced Migration: A Report on the Fifth International Research and Advisory Panel Meeting, April 1996


Comprehensive Literature Review of Creating a Framework for Understanding Global Refugee Policy


Forced Migration and Global Processes: Report of the Eighth Conference of the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 5-9 January 2003


'Forced Migration' in Karamoja Uganda


Forced Migration Studies: 'Who Are We and Where are We Going?' Report on IASFM 12, Nicosia, Cyprus, June 28-July 2 2009


Into the Next Millennium: An Agenda for Refugee Studies. A Report on the First Annual Meeting of the International Advisory Panel, January 1990


Literature Review (Bridging the Gap)


Literature Review: Urban Refugees


The Refugee Convention at 50: Forced Migration Policy at the Turn of the Century. Report of the Seventh International Research and Advisory Panel Conference of the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration, January 2001


Refugees: A Conceptual View of Current Research and Towards a Research Framework for the 1990s


Refugees and Exile: From 'Refugee Studies' to the National Order of Things


Refugees and Forced Migrants at the Crossroads: Forced Migration in a Changing World


Refugees, Immigrants, and the State


A Report of the Second Annual Meeting of the International Research and Advisory Panel January 1991


Responses to Geopolitical Change: Refugee Flows in the Post-Communist Era. A Report on the Third Annual Meeting of the International Research and Advisory Panel January 1992 


The Search for Solutions: Achievements and Challenges. Report of the Ninth IASFM Conference, São Paulo, Brazil, January 2005


The State of Our Art: A Report on the Fourth International Research and Advisory Panel Meeting, January 1994


The State of the Art Review of Refugee Studies in Africa


The Study of Refugees Before 'Refugee Studies'


Study on Impacts and Costs of Forced Displacement: State of the Art Literature Review


Whose Needs are Right? Refugees, Oustees and the Challenges of Rights-Based Approaches in Forced Migration


Multimedia Resources:


Collection: FMO Photos


Collection: FMO Podcasts


Collection: FMO Videos


Collection: RSC Library Videos


Collection: UNHCR Audio-Visual Archive




Asia Pacific Forced Migration Connection


Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN)


Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (CARFMS)


Forced Migration Discussion List


Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet)


International Association for the Study of Forced Migration (IASFM)


Red Latinoamericana de Migración Forzada


Refugee Research Network (RRN)




AWR Bulletin: Quarterly on Refugee Problems


Forced Migration Review


Journal of Refugee Studies


Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration


Refuge: Canada’s Periodical on Refugees


Refugee Survey Quarterly


Refugee Watch: A South Asian Journal on Forced Migration


Research Collections:


Aotearoa New Zealand Refugee Research Directory


Digests of Relevant Publications


Forced Migration Digital Library


Good Practices for Urban Refugees


New Issues in Refugee Research


RSC Working Papers


Resource Guides/Collections:


Collection: FMO Expert Guides


Collection: ICAR Briefings


Collection: ICAR Navigation Guides


Displaced Peoples and Refugee Studies: A Resource Guide


Statistical Resources:


Collection: UNHCR Statistical Online Population Database


Statistical Yearbook [year]: Trends in Displacement, Protection and Solutions


UNHCR Global Trends [year]


Yearbooks/Annual Surveys:


The State of the World's Refugees


World Refugee Survey [year]






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