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Health Policy Formulation in Complex Political Emergencies and Post-Conflict Countries

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Bornemisza, Olga, and Egbert Sondorp. 2002. Health Policy Formulation in Complex Political Emergencies and Post-Conflict Countries: A Literature Review. London: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. 




The purpose of this report is to review the existing knowledge base relating to the formulation of health policies in complex political emergencies and in post-conflict situations.  The ultimate aim is to determine the extent to which successful formulation strategies can be used to reform weakened health sectors during the post-conflict period.  The review is divided into four sections: complex political emergencies and post-conflict countries; the health policy process; the need for a research agenda; discussion and conclusions.  Two annexes list lessons for post-conflict rehabilitation of the health sector and a research agenda for complex political emergencies, respectively.  The authors do not provide details of their search methodology.  The bibliography lists over 140 references.   









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