Measuring Trauma and Health Status in Refugees

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Hollifield, Michael, Teddy D. Warner, Nityamo Lian, Barry Krakow, Janis H. Jenkins, James Kesler, Jayne Stevenson, and Joseph Westermeyer. 2002. "Measuring Trauma and Health Status in Refugees: A Critical Review." JAMA 288 (5):611-21. 




The authors of this report set out to characterize the literature relating to refugee trauma and health status as well as use the literature search to identify and describe instruments that have been developed to measure these two factors.  The second objective was to evaluate these instruments according to five criteria.  The article begins with a detailed overview of the methods used to retrieve relevant literature.  The discussion continues with a description and evaluation of instruments either specifically developed for refugee research or non-refugee instruments adapted for refugee research purposes.  The authors conclude that most articles on refugee trauma and health status base their findings on data derived from instruments with "limited or untested validity and reliability in refugees" (p. 611).  One hundred thirty-eight references are cited. 









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