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RSQ Index

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Index to Bibliographies in Refugee Survey Quarterly


This research guide includes descriptions of all bibliographies published in the periodical, Refugee Survey Quarterly, from volume 13 (1994) to volume 26 (2007), after which the select bibliography was discontinued as a regular feature. The index below provides access to RSQ bibliographies by volume and issue.  Entries are listed in reverse chronological order.    


2007, Volume 26


1. Bibliography: UNHCR's Executive Committee in 2006

2. Select Bibliography on Refugees and Religion

3. Resources for Refugee Research: A Bibliography

4. no bibliography included


2006, Volume 25


1. Bibliography: UNHCR’s Executive Committee in 2005

2. Bibliography [Refugee Livelihoods]

3. Bibliography [Nationality and Statelessness]

4. no bibliography included


2005, Volume 24


1. Bibliography: UNHCR’s Executive Committee in 2004

2. no bibliography included

3. Bibliography [the Internally Displaced]

4. no bibliography included


2004, Volume 23


1. Bibliography: UNHCR's Executive Committee in 2003

2. Bibliography [Refugee Children and Adolescents]

3. Bibliography [Voluntary Repatriation]

4. no bibliography included


2003, Volume 22


1. Selected Bibliography on Fridtjof Nansen

2&3. no bibliography included

4. no bibliography included


2002, Volume 21


1&2. Bibliography [Displacement in Africa]

3. no bibliography included

4. UNHCR's Executive Committee in 2002


2001, Volume 20


1. Select Bibliography [Organization of African Unity]

2. Europe, Refugees and International Migration: A Select Bibliography

3. Select Bibliography [Refugee Protection]

4. Select Bibliography: UNHCR's Executive Committee in 2001


2000, Volume 19


1. Select Bibliography: Security in Refugee Populated Areas

2. Select Bibliography [Internal Displacement in Asia]

3. Selected Bibliography on Housing and Property Restitution for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

4. Select Bibliography [UNHCR@50]; UNHCR's Executive Committee in 2000


1999, Volume 18


1. Select Bibliography: Internally Displaced Persons in Africa

2. Select Bibliography: Reconciling State Interests with International Protection

3. Select Bibliography: Human Rights, Refugee Protection and Humanitarian Action

4. UNHCR's Executive Committee in 1999; Strengthening Partnership to Ensure Protection, also in Relation to Security: Select Bibliography


1998, Volume 17


1. Select Bibliography: Humanitarian Action

2. Select Bibliography: Refugee Issues in the Great Lakes Region of Africa

3. Select Bibliography: Migration and Asylum

4. UNHCR's Executive Committee in 1998; Select Bibliography: Burden-sharing


1997, Volume 16


1. Select Bibliography: Early Warning

2. Select Bibliography: Voluntary Repatriation and Reintegration

3. Select Bibliography: Forcible Population Transfer

4. Select Bibliography: Voluntary Repatriation and EXCOM


1996, Volume 15


1. Select Bibliography: Human Rights and Refugees

2. Select Bibliography: Landmines

3. Select Bibliography: Refugee Children

4. Select Bibliography: UNHCR Executive Committee Documents Issued in 1996


1995, Volume 14


1/2. Selected Bibliography: Internally Displaced Persons

3. Select Bibliography: Statelessness

4. Select Bibliography: Executive Committee of the High Commissioner's Programme (EXCOM)

Special issue. Select Bibliography: Refugee Women


1994, Volume 13


1. Selected Bibliography: Family Reunification

2/3. Selected Bibliography: Family Planning


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