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Selected Bibliography on Refugee Health

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Thoolen, Hans, and Susan Forbes Martin, eds. 1991. A Selected Bibliography on Refugee Health. Geneva; Washington, DC: UN High Commissioner for Refugees; Refugee Policy Group. 




The aim of this bibliography is to facilitate the search for information on refugee health issues, which tends to be dispersed across a number of medical specialties and disciplines.  To that end, 382 references to both published and unpublished books, articles, theses, and conference papers in English, French and Spanish are organized under the following sections: General Health Aspects and Policies; Primary Health Care and Health Services in Developing Countries; Feeding Programmes and Nutrition; Ethnomedicine in a Cross-Cultural Context; Medical Care and Health Services in Resettlement Countries; Psycho-social Problems; Mental Health and Psychiatric Treatment; Vulnerable Groups: Women, Children and Elderly Refugees; Guidelines and Manuals; and Bibliographies.  Within each section, entries are organized geographically by region and then country.  Index and geographic terms are provided for each reference.  Author and subject indexes are included.  The health section of the International Thesaurus of Refugee Terminology is reproduced as an annex. 









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