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Selective Literature Review: Immigration, Acculturation and Substance Abuse

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Leow, Deborah McLean, Marion Goldstein, and Lisa McGlinchy. 2006. A Selective Literature Review: Immigration, Acculturation and Substance Abuse. Newton, MA: Education Development Center. 




This selective literature review sought out research on the "impact of immigration and acculturation on substance abuse and addiction among immigrants, especially immigrant youth" (p. 1).  While "refugees" are not indicated in the title of this report, they represent a primary focus of the review.  The authors organize their discussion around four questions: "Who are today‚Äôs immigrants? What challenges are commonly faced by immigrants? How do immigration and acculturation impact substance abuse among adolescent immigrant populations? What types of interventions and services are needed to help youth and their families deal with substance abuse and addiction?" (p. 2).  A search methodology is provided, along with a list of approximately 78 references. 







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